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Helkama Emotor — Motion Worldwide

Helkama Emotor is a Finnish familyowned group of companies. The business activities of the group are bicycle manufacturing, import, marketing and retail and manufacturing and sales of marine and industrial cables.
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Helkama Emotor's subsidiaries Helkama Velox and Helkama Bica operate in their plants in Hanko and Kaarina, Finland. The third subsidiary Suomen Polkupyörätukku (direct translation Finnish Wholesale of Bicycles) has retail stores all over Finland. Helkama Bica Shanghai operates in it's factory in Shanghai, China.

Associated company Helkama-Auto Group

Helkama Emotor's associated company Helkama-Auto Group imports Skoda Auto in Finland and runs the car rental business of Avis and Budget in Finland.


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